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Greetings TN!!!

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I joined the TN forum because I'm buying a used '07 Camry in the near future and want to read up on the car as much as I can and at the same time, start planning a couple small mods.

The reason I'm buying it is because it's my step-dad's and his lease it up. The car is in mint condition and only has 35,000 kms on it after 4 yrs so there's NO way I can pass this up.

I know zero about cars. I'm 28 and this is the first car I'm buying because quite frankly I've never needed a car until now. I have several questions regarding modifications, specifically wheels and tires, and will be doing quite a bit of reading before posting ridiculous questions of my own so don't worry.


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Welcome to the nation, Shaun! Our Camry forums are some of our most active, so if you need any help with mods or maintenance issues you've got a helping hand. :thumbsup:
Hi Shaun, welcome aboard! :hi:

There's so much information to read up on here and plenty of interesting things to learn, so I'm sure you'll know all of the ins and outs about the Camry before you even purchase it! :D. There's plenty of ongoing support too, since as TrailDust said, the Camry forums are some of our most active :cool:

Enjoy the forums, and feel free to post pics of your new ride once you get it :thumbsup:
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