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2016 Toyota Corolla S Premium w/TRD rear sway bar and 10th Gen TRD front strut bar
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Good morning Nation!

My name is Steve. Aliases from other forums include MyerShift and MiGreenThumb (love plants too, dontcha know!)

I figured since I have a Corolla (my second- and my 9th Gen was such a nicer car than my 11th Gen too) and poke around here for information as well as owner experiences, I ought to take the plunge and join.

I used to regularly post on Cheers and Gears and was an OSV member there at one point, but completely got away from there over time and can no longer access that account. Bummer!

I've missed the automotive forums despite how salty some trolls and fanbois may be.
I consider myself an automotive enthusiast, but the kicker is that...

I'm enthusiastic especially over drum roll, please basic transportation!

More than anything else.
Like the Corolla. So honest, so reliable and efficient. So stoic to drive and be seen in.

My little lady is a Slate Metallic 2016 Corolla S Premium to which I've added the TRD rear sway bar and the 10th Gen TRD front strut bar. What a brilliant improvement in the drive.
She currently has nearly 138,000 miles on her, and I've owned her since new.
All maintenance done as scheduled.
I had the CVT fluid changed at 90K, and have also had my spark plugs and coolant changed. I have every last receipt for any and all work done with the car (deer suck, eh?).
I'm currently running the FIFTH set of tires on her, and she drives great.

I've had several cars over the years: Chrysler LeBaron Convertible, Buick Skyhawk Custom Coupe 4-speed, Chevrolet Monte Carlo, Plymouth Breeze, Volkswagen Golf 5-speed MkV (Rabbit to NA hooligans), Honda Civic Si Coupe (6speed), Toyota Corolla CE (5-speed), my Dodge Aries (still own, but very rusty and needs fuel pump, so it's dead), and finally my 2016 Toyota Corolla S Premium that my friends have named "Claire" because they name their cars and I don't, so friends doing what they do, decided to name my car.

I look forward to joining the conversations at the Nation.

Have a great day!

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