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Has anyone experienced 'Grinding sound' while applying/releasing the brakes towards/from a complete STOP on their 2017_HL_HYBRID? Is it like a normal thing on a hybrid vehicle; this is my 1st hybrid. Any response is much appreciated.

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No. Brakes are perfectly same as on regular car. So no grinding noise should be there.
If it's a grinding noise. As Toyota rotors do not like ceramic brake pads and make rubbing noise coming to complete halt and right at release. But it's rub, not grind. Fix is twofold.
If rotors were glazed, they need to be de-glazed. If they were not, which I am presuming is the case for 2017 model, then pads need to be replaced with semi mets. A bit more brake dust on the rims, but noise goes away as they are softer.
It's been common thing discussed many times and Toyota stubbornly uses same rotors in combination with same ceramic pads. So does Lexus.
Part of it may be that factory rotors were never bedded in. That's aggravating factor.
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