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Ground Effect Kit

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I'm considering the ground effect kit for the tC, does anyone have it installed already?

Would you post pictures of the car all around? Side, Front, Back, etc. (more the better)

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mikejordan17: Yeah, price is a bit steep but I'm worried that the aftermarket kits won't fit 100%, the other thing is paint. Lets say they start selling a 4 pcs kit for about 500 bucks wouldn't it cost at least 200 for a good matching paint job? Plus due to time and the sun even if you match the car's original color wouldn't it still be a little off colored? Unless you plan to paint the whole car while your at it.

Madpb: Thanks for the detailed pics... thats awesome, it does add a little texture to the car. Looks clean... I like it! I'm even getting the same color *haha*

Probably only a couple extra bucks to my monthly payment. I'll take it!

Thanks agian
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