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GroupBuy: High Compression MGH 87-94 Tercel;Mod for 3e/3ee/2e

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Good evening everyone,

Via efforts of your truely, not that the masses will jump for joy, there is a new aftermarket part coming out for SOHC e-series engines.

I'm happy to announce a new Mod for the 2e/3e/3ee. A mod that should provide both a good gain in Horse Power and torque through out the entire power band, the thinner High Compression Metal (copper) Cylinder Head Gaskets.

After alot research, speaking with experts like Mulberry, different manufartures, and looking at the specs for TRD gaskets available for the 5efe. I'm going to be offering this new mod.

This mod is meant to increase the compression of your engine by reducing the space between block and head. The copper material makes these extremely durable when installed correctly.

Installing the MHG will effectively gain hp & tq, however please note that anyone who uses these will have to run higher octane, possibly preium (93) depending on their set Timing. Though one could run lower octane by retarding timing it comes at the cost of power.

This is meant for anyone who wants to maximize their original or built engine. For a relatively small ammount of money, more on that in a minute.

The Gaskets I'll be offering will be available in the following thicknesses:

.022", .032", and .043" inches or in metric system:

Increase compression sizes of 0.5588 mm, Biggest HP gain, 0.8128mm slight gain and a near stock size of and a stock size of 1.0922mm (this last one is meant for durability and FI applications).

Custom gaskets like these are not cheap costing around $200 to make. However I will be offering quality pieces well at UNDER $100.

How much? Depends on the order size, with larger volume I have more flexibility with the manufacturer, these can offered cheaply because we are spreading the cost of R&D.

Basically what it's looking like at the moment is:

If 6 gaskets get ordered (including my own) cost will be $88.00 USD +shipping.

If 12 gaskets get ordered (including my own) cost will be $82.00 +shipping.

I would greatly appreciate question, comments or concerns. Turn around is two to three weeks once I place an order. 1week to manufacture, 1-2 week to get to me & sent out. Shipping cost should be minimal as this thing is so light.

Any question can go here thought the main discussion is on tercelonline:
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So your making these for the 5EFE too? If so stock compression is 9.4:1 how much higher will it go? 9.8:1?
A friend of mine (Bandi from TO) was using the thinner metal DIS 5EFE headgasket on his 3EE and had good results with it. It's just an OEM replacment, mabey $25 or so.
They're not the same 3ee:

5efe NON DIS

BTW I could have these made for any engine
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Here is a statement from the manufacturer I'm working with:

We have several different methods of cutting copper depending on the quantity and complexity of the design. We now have IN HOUSE power niblers, multi-station punch press and Ultrahigh pressure abrasive water jet equipment to ensure that your order is processed efficiently and properly."
you should get a group buy together for the 1st gen 5efe....
nothing personal, but theres not alot of people interested in the 3e anymore...
at least when i wanted to improve my 3e... everyone was just saying to swap to 5e... so i did :(
Lol I didn't, I refuse Lol. I'm happy with my 3ee :) . Anyways I will be having these made for the 5efe next, however 3ee first since it has less aftermarket, and I want to do something to boost the aftermarket. besides my next project (another car) may involve a 4e/4a. But I stll love the little 3ee.
how much power and torque will it make when putting thos on? and what happins when u put cheap gas, it wont work right? this is for the 3ee
Yep this is for the 3ee. If you use cheap gas you have to retard the timing or get detonation. You can get a way with 91 but I just wanted to say 93 to be safe. 93 will let you run aggressive timing and net you more power.

If you read the link I put in the first post (at the top) you see lots of pics and comparisons of different engines and gaskets I've looked at.

Anyways, I'm calculating the new compression ration for the 3ee as we speak (I still need piston cc's to finish, those numbers are hard to find) so I can give the most accurate numbers.

The STOCK compression ratio is 9.3:1 pretty low actually. This should give a gain, across the ENTIRE rev band, I'll try give you my estimates once I've got the ratio down. But trust me it should be a fairly nice gain for the money. I'm going to say maybe 4 or 5hp & TQ ( across the rev bandwhich would make this one of the better bolt ons). In any event I'm working on trying to bring down the price a little more. To make it an even better bang for buck.
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Just did some calculations compression should be increasing from 9.3:1

To a NEW value of appoximately 9.66427:1 better than many of the 5e's :) So you can actually get away nicely with 91 octane, MAYBE even 89 if your not aggresive with timing. In any even this is a good N/A it will increase the engines efficiency, someone correct me if I'm wrong but this should give you a slightly higher MPG. It'll transfer heat between block and head better too.
nice man i would be looking forward to buying one, you just put it in your 3ee? and if u did how does it feel? alot better?
Not even I've gotten it yet! This is a brand part. I just finished the research & development with the manufacturer, a couple of weeks ago :) I can wait to get my hands on one myself. However others I know have increase compression to similar numbers other ways, and have been quite happy. General consensus is better throttle response, and brings the power band down nicely for TQ, that might have lost with other mods.
bump, 4 are pretty much accounted for need 2 more atleast
bump :) so far five accounted for, need one more to be made.
Will there be one made for the 2nd gen 5efe or the efhe?
If there is enough interest I'll speak with my manufacturer. :)
This buy is pretty much done
This was one of the quickest buys I've ever seen. So I guess we should put down a deadline for anyone left that wants one. How's Monday sound? The Deadline to get in is 2/4/07.

I will prepare the order then. So I guess we can start dicussing payment I guess. Up to you guys. We can do paypal or Money order, whatever is easier. If you guys like paypal. Just $1 extra please to cover the paypal fee. Feel free to u2u me.
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Put on hold for the time being. Im working out something with the manufacturer that has to do with rings.... So no pay just yet.... soon, soon we'll be ready but I want everything to be done smoothly.
Back on, questions answered :) The deadline is now friday.
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