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This is a write up of the install I did with the GTA kit. I have an 07 Avalon without the JBL system. They seem to make a kit for the JBL as well, but it is different it seems, or at least costs a little more.

The offical video of the install can be found here as well as the product prices:

The video shows you basically how to get to the radio, and hook it up. There is a separate bluetooth video, but it is not for an Avalon. This write up was an after thought so I didn't take shots of everything I did. This will just give an idea.

Basically I got to the radio, and I connected the main box. I was a bit puzzled as I already had a plug in the spot where this was supposed to go. I am still not sure what that goes to since it was supposed to be empty. Can anybody tell me?

Here is what it looked like torn apart. The Radio cover does have more cable hidden I found out for the A/C connection on the right side. I was eventually able to get that more out of the way. I also found a video on how to replace the cup holder in an avalon, which I used to learn how take the console top off and run wires.

Once everything was apart I decided to run the wires into the first box behind the cup holders. So I took a half inch drill bit, and put a whole in the box. The ipod cable plug is kinda big. A half inch drill was the perfect size.

Inside the box:

Outside the box:

Now, the next part I thought was a pretty cool idea. The bluetooth adapter comes with an extra button that you can place somewhere in the car. Since I don't have heated seats, I thought putting it there would be good. Its just a plain piece of plastic that pops out behind the gear shift. The way the button is made I was able to drill a holl, and position the button to cover it up basically.

I thought it was a stroke of genius lol. I also figured if I messed up something it would be a cheap piece to replace.

They recommend installing the mic for the Bluetooth at the top of the A pillar. I guess it is out of the way enough not to be an eye sore. The A pillar is mounted in a way that I couldn't figure out how to pull it off, but I was able to pull it away enough to hide the wire. I ran it down the weather seal, under the plastic cover on the side of the dash, and ran it under the AC vent on the drivers side across the top of steering wheel cover and into the radio area. 100% hidden.

Put it all back together...then take it all back apart. lol. My stroke of genius ran out after my idea with the button. I forgot that the plastic piece couldn't fit from under the console cover, so I had to take it all back apart including remove the radio, and unplug the button to be able to run the wire from on top of the cover hole. But, when it was all done it looked very good I think. No wires at all other then the ipod/stereo wire in the box.

I'm not a professional blogger, nor installer. I work on computers. But, I thought this was simple enough, and nothing got damaged. They said all you need to get is a 30 pin to thunderbolt adapter, and you can use the ipod cable with an iphone 5/5s. If you connect it this way you can use all the radio controls to control the music, plus it charges the iphone. Overall it works, and sounds great. Next project might be to replace the speakers.
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