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GTS Long Gauge

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Sorry if I'm reposting, I couldn't find this topic. I found a nice long-gauge cluster, haven't bought it yet, but finding it was half the battle. In my volvo, all the wiring for gauges you would find in the 242 GT was pretty much just freefalling in the depths behind my dash. I was wondering if this cluster would be plug-n-play or if I'd have to pull some electrician s**t. I'm not too keen on that so anything would help really.
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Long Gauge?

you'll have to be more specific....
I'm lost as well... long gauge? Volvo? :yikes:
Are you talking about the long gauges that some ae92/ae93's equipped with the 4age got? I thought they were all rh drive?

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Those are the very ones. No theyre not all rh drive. I found one for 50 bucks out here. :-D
the hell?


not vcompletly, you need to do the wiring for oil pressure le voltmeter gauge
dam that would be sweet to find for my car lol if you can get your hands on anymore let us know lol
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