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GTS Skirts

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Ok i have skirts for an AE92 GTS that are going in the trash so if you want them you got them.
Im not selling them but if you want to toss me a twin i would say nothing. Serious just dont want to see them go to waste.

Call me on my cell 9054412768 ask for Chris
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would it be possible to ship them? and if so, how much to ship them to tucson az. 85706?
Sorry I should have specified Im looking for pick-ups only and nothing else
Chris, I'll take them... :)
sure call me up when you want to pick them up. Soon i hope
Dammit ren I was going to say I would... wtf do you need them for anyways, you have 2 on your gts' lol
parts dude.. I got into a fender bender!
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I was going to call him next week to see if he even had them... black matches my bumpers :D

Beside you were going to take them off the 89 weren't you?

I need them to cover the rust :D
k well freakiboy, if you can make it there first they're all yours. :)

Chris, I'll give you a call, maybe we can meet up, I might not be able to make it all the way to Ajax today. :(
I can go down anytime :D, was laid off so I got all the time in the world at the moment.
they are ze gone in my trunk!

What size screws do I need to install them? and do I need to make the holes?
haha nice dude, either you or me its alright, I wouldn't get the chance to go until maybe the weekend anyways, and besides I probably would've gave them to you after. :)

And yeah, you need to drill holes for them plus screws and plastic holders OR double sided tape for SR5s probably works best. :)
I had just wanted to see if he still had them :p. I didn't want a red set which is why I was like hmmm chris had black ones :D. Will match my bumpers, and maybe something else if I feel like painting them, then again painting anything on the body flat black with spray paint might suck?
hey, if anyone has another set of skirts, i'm interested in buying them... let me know...
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