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Just putting this out there for anybody here in NZ who has an issue.
My engineer has given me the jig they made to hold it in place to Mill the manifold.
So if you need it, I am happy to loan it out.
You will need it to have your manifold milled.
And it would be included in any pricing if you did not have this. As they would have to make their own to hold the manifold correctly.
I had the problem that seems to be normal.
So we added the lug making it an 8 stud bolt up.
All new studs and brass nuts.

We discussed a few options. Turbo Timer is a must use on these cars. So stupid that one was never part of the system.
What I perceive as part of the bad design flaw is that at one end of the manifold you have this red hot (High Temp) Turbo. And when the car in turned off the manifold cools down from the lefthand end.
Not to mention if very hot turbo is just stopped without cool down period, have you thought about oil boiling in the oil line? As for those who claim the problem with milling does not fix the problem! Hum?
Maybe adjust how you drive and do let the engine run down, before turning off.

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