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Guess what I'm getting!!!

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My gf's buying me 94+ Tails!! :D:D:D:D:D

Just thought I would brag a little. I've been wanting to do this for a while... just never felt that tossing ~$300 into something cosmetic was something I wanted to do until my engine was spotless and too much power for me :(. So.... :wiggle: :wiggle:
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Congrats man. That's a badass GF you have if she puts down that much of her own cash for your car:thumbup:
Be sure to post pics once they're on the "2"
That's awesome // just make sure she gets the center section as well!!
Oh man guys.... you will never guess what I just did.

It's 2am here in California... I get an email from a guy with 95 JDM Tails. I send him an email back... and again... he replys... and says.... call me.... I'll be up for two hours. So I call him.... and we get to talking about when I could pickup the taillights. Blah blah blah.... he says we can just install them at his house.... so I'm like when. He says... how bout right now. Okay... I live in Ventura, he lives in West Covina.... thats about 100 miles. Stupid me.... I say.... sure why not... fuck it.... not like I have to move tomorrow or anything. So I drive down there.... we put in the lights... and I drive home.... it's now 6am... I have 95 Tails w/ a black center panel.... and I'm tired as hell.... gnite!!
lucky bastard....:D

once u get them installed on the car..u will wonder to urself why u waited so long...they give the car a much newer look....pre-94 tails are so outdated......i hated them with a passion....if u don't plan on painting the center panel to colour match the car rite away....i suggest u order a black center panel so u can temporarily install them.....

btw....squeeze some clear corners out of her too......:lol:
Congrats man, I wish I had a girl like yours, most of mine usually complain that I care more about the cars than them.

Cant wait to get my 94+ tails...
congrats, you lucky bastard..:thumbup:

the USDM taillights have a red reflector, where as the JDM's corners are pure amber, right..?
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