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For Sale:
My BRAND NEW, MINT, Gibson Epiphone Les Paul Flattop Molson Canadian Rocks guitar. NEVER PLAYED! It's currently on eBay. If someone locally can give me a good price, I'll take it. The reserve is set at a fitting price for the guitars RARITY and CONDITION. (This guitar WILL be worth alot of money in the future. My plan was to keep it unplayed for 20 years, but current cash problems force a sale) If there is a price NEEDED for this guitar on here, let me know and I will post one.
Check it
Next up is my PS2.
Silm PS2, I've owned it Brand New since last Feb. I believe I still have the receipt for it. I have all boxes, manuals, and plastic wrapping for it. I've played it for MABYE 50 hrs. It was on Vancouver Island when I moved to Banff. It comes with 19 games. Two Controllers, Remote (with normal PS2 adapter) two memory cards, and all cables. There is also one controller extender, which extends it an extra 6'.
The games are :
Auto Modellista (drifting, customizing racing game)
GTA San Andreas
Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec (2)
Ferrari F355 Challenge
NFS Hot Pursuit
Tokyo Extreme Racer Zero
Tokyo Extreme Racer Three
Ejay Clubworld
The Getaway (no instructions)
World Rally Championship
SSX Tricky
'o2 Fifa World Cup
'o4 Fifa Soccer
Gran Turismo 4
DVD Player V2.12
I'm looking for around $575 (consider 75% of the games were bought new from $39.99-69.99 a pop, $29 for each controller, $50 for both memory cards, $15 for the controller extender, $175 for the PS2, it works out to around $950, and the thing is basically, BRAND NEW) If you have an offer I can't refuse, PM me.
Pics are available upon request, as I'm pretty lazy right now.

Where's my boomstick?
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HAHA, $575 for the ps2??

there are several package bundle ps2's on ebay with like 20 games for less than $250 shipped.

saw your thread and i got excited as im looking for a ps2, but no way in hell is anyone gonna pay almost $600 for that. you NEVER get how much you have put in, EVER, in ANYTHING!! haha, $575 for a ps2....thats a riot!
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