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Hey. Its PrincessPeach.

I bought mine here.

197$. Its REALLY CHEAP for a good quality like H&R Springs. They have excellent service. They really communicated well and shipped fast. Really fast.

H&R Springs is really comfortable. After the change, of course it rides a bit stiffer than stocks, but its not that noticeable. Also, the turnins are really sharp. Almost no body roll. These are some really nice springs...

Heres some pics since I got so many PMs.

BTW, my car doesn't look that dropped cuz of my stretched tires and deepdish. I am running 19's on it. Actually, that driveway I'm on, I have to angle my car cuz it scratches... Its a pretty low drop for camry springs.

Hope this helps you guys in the buy. Go w/ H&R! Its an even drop and its awesome.

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too bad for the V6 version of the springs is not available till march

Your car looks clean, because of this, and finding out that teins wont have a pillowball mount kinda makes me lean on getting the H&Rs

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the site princess peach gave had the v6 springs listed but said they wouldnt be in stock until march 2008
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