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had Cluch Replaced

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i let my cusin do it.. due to the fact that he has a lift (3 of them) a masive snap on tool box. (the Uber large chest) and more time then me to do it. and any ways he called me after pulling it all apart and geting in there and noticed the cluch had plenty of meat on it... now my throw out baring was almost good as dead. but yet the car was suffering "bad cluch" syndrome. he thinks it was the preshure plate going bad. (it would make sence) but has any one else had this problum? and what can cause it?
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check the could be rusted causing noises and such...any rust on your clutch is not good...try resurfacing the flywheel and see how it goes...but if you have it all out..then might as well buy a new clutch kit and use it instead....
thats what i did.. just had the whole cluch done on it..

my cusin (micanic of 15+ years, a good number of them with porsche) thinks maby one of the fins on the preshure play was going bad. at any rate he see's its all good and going..

he pulled the whole trany out of the car so he did axel seals, mean seal and any other seals you can think of hehe.
car is back in my hands and its working grate!! all fixed. more power to the ground :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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