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Hello, my brother bought a TL so I (17 y/o) got his corolla. Thank god for a car, but damn.

He has managed to scratch all four sides of the car (into curbs). There are crushed m&m's inside the center console making it unusable and smelling, well, like m&m's. The front bumper hangs ever so slightly from the grill/head lights. The front passenger seat has this rather large cloudy white patch and a smaller blot of dark red. The driver's side window's rubber sealer(?) has two areas which have been bent/deformed and has harden into their bent/deformed shape so now whenever I go past 50 mph i hear whistling in my left ear. But other than those cosmetic faults, it is running well.

Reading that over it sounds like a rant, but I was just describing my car :rolleyes:

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I can understand your situation. It's great to have a car, but for anyone who takes pride in ownership inheriting a banged up car can be sort of a bummer. Still, I'd take it no matter what! Congratulations on the Corolla, and welcome to the nation! :chug:

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Welcome to the forums! :hi:

That was very generous of your brother to give you his Corolla. I bet you're one of only 17 year olds who owns such a late model car. I think I'd rather enjoy a centre console that smells like M&Ms :lol:

The 9th Gen Corolla forum here is very active. You're bound to find all of the info you need to fix the things that are wrong with your newly acquired ride. Have a browse around and make yourself at home :thumbsup:
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