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happy it runs, but confused!!

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Hello everyone, this is my first time on here, and I am happy to be here.

I received my 88 Corolla from a friend, the vehicle is a 5-speed with a two barrell carb. and 144,00 miles. I had to replace the air filter once I got it, and it started running bad at start-up, until it warmed up, then it purred like a kitten. The old air filter was so dirty, it was sucking oil through the intake, now it isn't, and also, before I changed the air filter, it ran fine on a cold start, now it will chug (sounds like firing on 3 cyl.) until it reaches a certain temp. and then runs real smooth after that.

At this time I have not changed any plugs or fuel filter,(if I knew where the filter was!) but that will be the first I will do. Also, when the car runs (chugging) at start, it has a fairly strong gas smell from the exhaust. and when it is warmed up, it has a smell of spray paint fumes from the tailpipe, not the usual exhaust fume smell like others have.

I have ran Sea-Foam through the intake, and the rest in gas tank, as per instructions on can.

I am really confused, but maybe thinking it might be either or both the fuel filter and plugs?
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you may be having a problem with the choke on the carburetor. Have you tried cleaning the carb with cleaner. all the linkages and springs and everything you can see. THis may not help but it is a good start. It may have something to do internally in the carb also. If you ahvent posted in teh Corolla section you amy want to so you get more views and responses.

Welcome to TN.
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