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Hard cold starts

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I read some of the posts on this but wanted to post my own for opnions please.

My wife has a Camry 1998 LE automatic V6 that has just started acting up. The problem is it sputters and is hard to start in the morning especially when it is cold. It only does this first thing in the morning and then is fine the rest of the day. In reading the rest of the posts on this I would think either the throttle body needs to be cleaned or possibly the cold start injector needs to be replaced. Monday 01/15/05 was the hardest to start because it is real cold here now even in the garage and the car had sat since Friday, 3 days since running. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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try cleaning the iac in the throttle body...spray some throttle body cleaner in the pinhole
Sorry, define IAC?? Do you know of any posts here that someone has wrote on a procedure?
the iac is the black box that is under your throttlebody- you can clean it by spraying the hole at the bottom of the inside of the throttlebody after removing the intake hose from the throttlebody

it controls idle according to intake air temperature
If cleaning the idle air control valve doesn't help, I would check the ECT sensor (engine coolant temperature sensor) next with a DVM and the specs from any manual. It may be out of spec and not sending the correct engine temperature information to the ECU (computer). In other words, it may not be telling the computer the engine is very cold so richen up the fuel mixture accordingly.

I replaced the ECT sensor and did not make a difference. If clean the IAC can it be damaged?
Any updates?

I have a similar problem... I checked the resistance across the O2 sensor and it seems to be open. I am going to replace the upstream O2 sensor... I'll keep you posted.
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