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Hi toyota nation members
I'm adding this thread to give some info on a fix to my brothers car. He has a 2000 Camry le, 4cyl. 120000- miles, japan built. It had a hard start when hot after it sat about 15 minutes, then would start but had a very long crank time. We had checked for spark-good, the check engine light was working properly and there were no codes present, also when this occured the fuel pump was powering up properly. I searched the threads on here and only really found long crank times when cold, mostly IAC problems, we did clean his IAC just to be sure but it didn't matter if you pressed the accelerator during the hard start. It wound up being a faulty fuel pump/regualor allowing the fuel to bleed down and cause a vapor lock condition, only when hot did it start hard. The parts are expensive, @$520.00 from Toyota. We had difficulty trying to measure exact pressure because of no schrader valve anywhere in the system to attach a fuel pressure gauge, I was on vacation from NY in FL and was trying to help him out. We got a used pump assembly fron LKQ used auto parts in Orlando, $31.00, we took a shot with a used part and it worked, he may end up replacing this used part with a new OEM part but hey we felt more at ease with this cheaper alternative as a diagnostic approach. This is a very easy pump to replace, remove the seat cushion, snaps in, remove a metal cover, then remove approx 10 screws/bolts and lift the assembly from the tank. Hope this helps someone down the road!! We talked to the toyota dealers parts and service people at courtesy toyota/orlando area, where we priced out the parts and they also hadn't seen this problem on a camry before, lots of cold start probs, probably IAC probs but not any hot start probs.
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