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i've been having some troubles starting the car that just appeared in the last month. she seems to go fine once you get it started and after it gets fuel for a few seconds once it starts, she goes fine. the problem is if i leave her overnight then the next morning it takes a few tries to get it started. seems like it's not getting enough fuel based on what i have to do to get her to start. i have to crank and gas several times. now, i thought the issue was with a big exhaust leak that appeared in the manifold a few days before that started. i replaced the manifold and gaskets, and she idles and runs fine now (which it had trouble doing with the leak), but still has problems starting (except for the first time, she started right up immediately after the replacement).

so my question to all of you is, does anyone have any ideas i should go on before i start troubleshooting the fuel system?

ps: 1990 4AFE, and i put on a completely new top end under 800 miles ago. it was working beautifully prior to the big exhaust leak, and there don't seem to be any other exhaust leaks right now. i have yet to run diagnostics, but no idiot lights are on.

thanks in advance all, and sorry if there's a bit much to read :p
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