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Hard To Steer..power Steering Pump Ques.

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Hey All,
I gotta 93,3vze,4x4,auto excab, 160,000 miles...My problem is the steering is hard to steer,when i got the truck i noticed it leaking from the seal (on the power steering pump)..and the truck was hard to steer..unitil i could get to it i added power steering fluid...i finally changed the seal and for what ever reason made me do it...i just checked the manual for the fluids and sh#$ takes dextron atf..well i flushed the system twice and added dextron atf...and still is hard to steer...also when i drained the system i found very fine shavings..not to much though ..jus a lil...i know on trannys this is normal...but on P.S. pumps????..also when the engine is cold and the rpms are about steers fine, after warming up to normal its steers hard,,,is it time to repair the pump w/ the kit...replace it???... or can i adjust the steering box??..i dont think the box adjustment is nessesary..jus cause when it idles high its fine ...i think the pump is going????

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Power steering fluid is essentially clear ATF without all the additives that aren't needed in a P/S system. I've used both and never had problems.
...also when the engine is cold and the rpms are about steers fine, after warming up to normal its steers hard...i dont think the box adjustment is nessesary..jus cause when it idles high its fine ...

So it works fine anytime except normal idle?
FOURWD1.....Yea...thats seems like theres not enough pressure going through the system at a low turning from a dead stop, pulling into a parking spot..when i do this, i have to give it a little gas and brake at the same time to turn more this makes me think somethings wrong internally...rotor,vane,seal damage etc....
When you replaced the seal, did you by any chance clean the filter screen in the bottom of the reservoir? That can get clogged with those metal shavings and bits of rubber, and the pump will cavitate and can't pump fluid. You really have to pull the reservoir off to clean it, and you'll need a new o-ring when you reinstall.

If the filter screen isn't clogged, you may be in the market for a reman pump. That would be a drag after you just replaced the seal in yours - hopefully a new one is not needed.

If you do need a reman pump, there's a big range of price/quality. Autozone sells 'em cheap; and cheap may well be what you get. Rock Auto sells a few - I would avoid the Cardone remans, as they don't have a great rep. The Beck/Arnley, on the other hand, is probably a premium rebuild. Most of the parts they sell for our trucks are made in Japan and are of excellent quality. Autohausaz sells a pump from a mfr I've not heard of ("Maval"), and more $$ than the B/A, but autohausaz typically only sells premium quality parts, so it's probably a safe bet.

You may want to consider putting a filter in the return line - I've used a magnetic one for a couple years and the steering has worked fine, though I haven't drained off any fluid to check the performance of the filter. I also use Mobil 1 Synthetic ATF and have had good luck with that, too.

The magnetic filter is sold under the "Magnefine" name, and Cardone sells the identical filter with their label. They are intended for use with either Power Steering or Automatic Transmissions. They have a bypass valve in case they get clogged, unlike the screen in the reservoir.

Normally about $30, you can get the Cardone from rockauto for $20 (I think our return lines are 3/8"). Magnefines are often sold on ebay for even less.

Here info on 'em:

Good luck, and let us know what you find.
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Sb5walker- Actually This Weekend What I Did Was,,,in Addition To Ur Sugsestion I Troubeshot It By Doing The Changeing Fluid Again Sr-41 Procedures ,in The Online Service Manual When I Drained The Fluid I Saw The Screen And Instead Of Takeing The Resivoir Off I Used The Wet/dry Vacum With A Rubber Tube Attached And Sucked All The Debri From The Screen...there Was Really None..jus A Bit..after I Did The Sr-41 Procedure The Steering Did Feel A Bit Better At Idle For A While But It Went Back To Being A Bit Difficult After A While...there Is Still A Couple More Procedures I Can Do Though..from The Manual...i'll Try Those...hopefully I Dont Need A Pump...but If I Do Then ..well... I Guess Its Gotta Be Done..thanks
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