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Has anybody ever removed their fender flares off of a DC, I asked this before, but...

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I never got an answer. I am going to have to remove them to make the tires fit up front. I was just wondering if there are holes on the sides of the fenders or not. Thanks.
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I'm pretty sure there are holes. Look at the inside of back fenders and you'll see some sort of push through pin holding them on.
Definitely holes
Well shit. I am going to have to go back to the tire shop and make them get me some tires that fit. Odd the spec sheet on Nitto's web site says my tires are 32.68x11.3, but Turtleboy on this board has some BFG All terrains that BFG says are 32.8x11.1 andy they were wider, but shorter than my tires. Just goes to prove that the spec sheets on these tire web sites are BS.
when I turn lock to lock the tire actually hits the frame where the body mounts. On Turtleboys truck he had at least 3/4 inch of clearance. Quite strange how drastically different 2 companys tires can be that are both 285/75/16.
Give Bushwacker a call. I seem remember a picture of a 4x4 Tacoma at the previous SEMA show with some of their flares on it. I'm not sure if they replaced the oem flares or just snapped on over them. IF they replace them, they might give a little bit of extra room. But I definitely remember the flares had a little more rounded shape than the angled flares we have now. Again... all of this is based on a recollection of a picture. But, it might be worth a call. Anyone else remember that Tacoma?
Pretty much all the tire companys vary in size for the same specs. New fenders wont help if you're hitting the frame, and the cab mount is where most people who've plus sized their tires are having problems.
well I know for sure BFG All terrain D's are smaller in diameter than my tires even though they are rated at the same size. They are however a smidge wider. But none the less the fit fine on Turtleboys truck. Hey Rich if you get this lets meet up tomorrow I will let you drive my truck now that it has the UCAs on it. I would also like to test fit one of your tires to make double sure I am not insane.
Yea, thats weird that mine are suppose to be taller, but don't look it and definitely look wider. How did the upper control arms come out?

edit: my BFG's rock!:eek:hyeah:
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