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Has anyone else seen this ride?

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First of all I have to appologize for the quality picture. I was driving on the freeway in traffic and it was hard to get a clear shot while driving my truck. I saw this camry this morning and thought I would share it with everyone. Maybe someone else has seen it driving around Los Angeles/Orange County, CA.

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that's the car from sema. my friend saw them driving around in irvine. owner's a member here although i haven't seen him post in a while.
lol oops. i think it's just him. but the one my friend took a picture of only had a single exhaust.
Which one from sema is that. I have pics of the conrad one and the hybrid one, but not this one. Anyone want to post pics of that one at sema or other pics of that one.
I don't know who that Camry belongs to but I know that Joe, owner of Marketing In Motion, and his company built that Camry to be used in SEMA to introduce the Naristo kit made by Import-Trenz.

More pics of that Camry:

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For anyone who's interested in buying the Naristo kit made by Import-Trenz, I highly DO NOT recommend getting their kit unless you are willing to pay for custom fitment that requires professional fiberglassing. I have their kit and I test fitted it to see how fitment was. Fitment was absolutely horrible. Nothing lined up as they should. In the end I had to pay about $1k worth of custom fiberglassing to ensure perfect fitment to make everything line up.
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