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Has anyone put headers on their truck yet?

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Has anyone put headers on their truck yet?
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So far I believe JBA is the only supplier out with headers for the 4.0 v6. Their quality is crap so I have a feeling most are waiting for another source.
Silver-Bolt, I disagree with you, I was stationed in San Diego and they (JBA) did all the work on my Mach 1. I had no problems with any of there after market items.
Their workmanship and welding is some of the worst I have seen. Out of the box warped flanges, incomplete welds, etc. I looked over 8-10 sets of new in the box headers for my Lightning and there was not one set I could bolt on with no issues. Their ports don't match up so well either. For me I would not use or recommend them. Bassani, Kooks, and a few others have much better quality. Unfortunately at this time none of them offer applications for the 4.0 v6.
Seems like they just tried to be the first company with headers for the 2005 Tacoma.

They rushed it.
i have had great experainces with hedman headers, my buddy has a set of hooker headers on his 'stang...havent really looked for headers for the taco yet...but if i did then i would def. go with true duals
Yea i am also hoping someone else comes out with some other options for headers
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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