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Yes, I have it on my ES 300 (Camry). I had bad luck with it and PP has horrible support. The 4Runner guys have a really great/really bad relationship with it.

SMT-6 should work fine. Just take it from someone that's delt with them; look at their wiring diagrams, then look at the real diagrams for your car from a shop/haynes/chilton book and make sure the connections are correct.

1) When you crank the car, make sure your global settings are correct.
2) Leave everything 0's to start with and use the fuel trip to get your idle.
3) Be sure you tune with a buddy and not do it yourself while you drive. I was tuning just fine in a left turn lane at a red light and stalled the car for some stupid reason or another. Scary stuff LoL!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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