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Has this happened to anybody yet?

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So I'm at the local Toyota dealer today taking advantage of the free oil changes when the tech approaches me with my air filter. I'm looking at the thing and it is all chewed to hell :confused: !!!

Apparently, some rodent got into my air box and nibbled on my air filter!!!

I've heard of it happening....but never thought it would be me. Luckily there didn't appear to be any other damage and he hadn’t penetrated all the way through. However, I am wondering if the little bastard ate his way through any wire mesh before making it's way to the air filter. Any answers?

It had been colder then a witches t*t in a brass bra a couple of weeks ago and I think the warm engine attracted the little varmint.

Needless to say my garage is filled with D-CON right now.
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where in WA are you? in in kent and i've got the same thing going on, but the little bastards ate through my washer fluid line and pissed all over the place. i've been debating over the d-con, as i don't want them dying in some unreachable area and stinking up my house and/or truck. i'm dropping off my truck tomorrow for my 10K oil change and have the dealer inspect all the lines and what not to see if there's any more damage. hopefully its just that line and nothing more serious. good luck man
Happens to oue vechicles in South Texas on our hunting leases when they are left there weeks at a time.

Little bastards chew threw wires, brake lines, and anything else they get their grimmy little teeth on.
Usually, when the mice eat the D-Con they leave the area how they got in. D-Con poisions the little bastards and the first reaction to the poision is to leave the area and go search for a source of water. The second reaction is for the little bastards to choke themselves to death because they can't throw up the poision. Maybe useless information, but usually when D-Con is used they dont die in the area of the poision.
They hemorage and go in search of water. One of the great features of D-Con.
I've used it in my shop and attic for 20 yrs. Have never had a mouse or rat die and stink up either, but the stuff does "go away" (obviously, someone is eating it).
I have seen something like this a couple of times. I once had a Probe GT turbo that a rodent had filled the airbox up with pink fiberglass insulation one winter! I also have seen an airbox filled full of dog food by a hungry rodent as well! The car would idle but was not driveable!
Never an airfilter, but I did have some type of rodent chew through a fuel line coming off the fuel tank in my '94 Toyota Pickup.

"Honey....why does it smell like gas in here? And why do I only have 1/4 of a tank when I just filled up 20 miles ago?"

Boy, was that a bit%h to replace.
About a year ago we went to change the air filter of our Dodge Caravan and found a dead mouse in there.:ugh3:
I have been putting an all plastic rat trap with a little peanut butter inside the engine compartment on 2nd empty battery tray (just traded in my Z71 for 07 dcab longbed sport). Last year caught 3 rats and suprised one oil change "expert". Guess Im going to have to figure out another mount point for the Tacoma.

Also had a NJ deer or a squirell chew perfect bite sized peices out of the lip of the plastic rear bumper cover when I left a bag of horse/deer food in the back. It was covered with a locked topper so they did the best job they could to get in. Wierdest looking thing I have seen as it had obviously been eaten away.

We had a customer today that had a rodent chew up the hood pad and mass air flow meter wiring. Sucked to be that guy, it cost him about $500 parts and labor!!
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