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Have new Corolla XRS need answers

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Does the TRD intake for the matrix XRS fit the Corolla's engine bay?
Anyone know where I can get a modded exhaust? TRD's 2003 does not fit the XRS's exhaust pipe is of a larger diameter so the flanges don't line up.
Lowering springs? any suggestions.

As far as my driving impressions go the car is damn stable at high speeds. Cornering is really tight. Extremely good rigidity and the stock Michelin pilots are awesome sticky. Top speed governed at just under 220Km/hr. Over 120 Km/hr you have some serious pull. It is kind of fun because perception is, it is just an S. So when you dissapear with that high pitch rev it leaves them with a stunned look on their face.
Overall very satisfied with it and it seems to have less buzzes than the Matrix XRS.
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Doubtful that the intake will fit, TRD should have one for the Corolla soon though, as should Injen and AEM. As for exhaust, why not go custom? I'd stay away from TRD springs, they're overpriced and rebadged Eibach stuff.

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Yeah TRD stuff is overprice on most of the items....
because they are the official toyota modifier!!!
They have do researh to get those wings, bumper. etc. everything ready...
Things which you buy from them fits well in your car...
and you have maximum force but not over mod your car...
Wait and see how... :)

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No...the TRD CAI for the Matrix XRS does not fit the Corolla XRS.
I understand that it was tested by Toyota and failed to fit.

Alas I'm sure one is in the works already...give it time folks. :)
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