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I am currently swapping a 6mge into my 1984 toyota supra and the damn car will not start i have a different coil and ignitor off a 1983 supra where can i find some info too finish my swap so i dont beat the shit out of my car......

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Oh got I want a 6MGE!! Or even better a 7mgte!!! My poor MKII wants more juice.... but.... it has to be the daily driver.... the MR2 gets all my car money.

Anyways... I have no clue... maybe if you give more info. Is it turning over? All the plugs good? Ignition wires good? Dizzy good? Starter? .... I'd just start going through all of the ignition components.

Glad to hear we have a 6MGE Supra :woot:

Pics are a must....

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Here's what to do...

Check your grounds. There is a main sensor ground coming off of the main harness. Make sure that gets grounded or you're never gonna start. It's most likely that...

If the car doesn't turn over...

Run a wire direct from the starter solenoid to the positive battery terminal. Assuming everything is hooked up correcty, the car should crank. From there, check for spark, fuel, etc. It could just be your ignition wiring is a bit messed up or not hooked up correctly. If it cranks, fires, has fuel, but doesn't start, then it's what I mentioned above about the sensor ground.

Good luck...
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