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I have an 1989 Toyota 4runner with the 22re EFI. It has approx 180k on it. I just changed out the timing cover gasket, oil pan gasket, valve cover gasket, clutch, throwout bearing, and thermostat. I made sure the timing marks were lined up as should be. Engine compression is good. approx 150 to 175 on all cyls except for number 3 which was 125. Maf checks good, Cat is not restricted, Timing is good. Fuel seems good. Vacuum lines are routed correctly. Problem is I am guttless. I have no power. I am ok in first, but as soon as I go to second on up I just feel like I am bogged down. Unless I rev the motor and clutch to the max before shifting I am flat on my face. I have pretty much run out of ideas and hoping someone here can give me some advice. and No the Ebrake is not stuck on ... hehe.

Thanks in advance

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