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i'll try to add some pictures to show this, but my old OEM head gasket is a 3-piece sandwich design.

There is a top and bottom layer of about 0.010 to 0.012" stainless steel, then an inner layer of about 0.004-0.005" stainless held by several crimp joints.

The inner layer is a flimsy little cookie-cutter punched piece shaped to only fit the tops of the 4 cylinder jackets.

i don't have a new one yet to compare but i expect they are slightly thicker in the center sections than at the outer edges due to this inner layer.

Does anyone have details of aftermarket gaskets, please share.

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It's been several years now, but the replacement Fel-Pro head gasket was a similar multi layer metal design. It was a bit odd to me as it was nothing like the small block Chevy head gaskets I was familiar with.
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