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head job? what exactly is that?

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there is a 93 4Runner near me for sale for 2200.00. It looks to be in nice shape, very pretty visually. Has 211k miles on it, with reportedly 130k on the engine. The guy says it runs okay, but kind of rough, and has low compression in cyl 3. Said he had it checked out by two different shops and was told he will need a head job, to the tune of about 1500.00 to get it fixed...said he was told it has a burnt valve.

What exactly is a head job? Does 1500.00 sound right for this job?

Should I be at all worried about the rest of the components on the truck at 211k miles? Even if the engine is brand new, there's still 211k on the tranny, axles, and everything else. Still, for 2200.00, plus the cost of repairs, this is a tempting situation.

Give me some advice. And explain what a head job is.
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That sounds about right. They basically take the heads apart and completely rebuild them.
Thats a common problem on the 3.0L V6s.
It's a valve job. That motor is a SOHC. The heads come off, everything is cleaned, the valves and seats are reground or replaced, the valve guides are sized or replaced, the springs are checked and replaced as needed, everything is reassembled and new valve stem seals are installed and the valves shims are set for the proper clearance. You should also get a new timing belt and water pump at the same time. Price seems reasonable.

Make sure they do a compression check if they haven't already, and diagnose the piston ring seal. It won't do much good to rebuild the heads if the rings are bad also.
Yeah, valve job. Man- thought I was going to get into some of that good porn!
slim_slc said:
What exactly is a head job? Does 1500.00 sound right for this job?
A head job is any gal who is nuts beyond fixing w/ meds or who is TFN (totally freeking nuts even with meds...)
If one is planning on keeping a head job, $1500.00 is just the initial buy-in many more $$ to come.

Just like the truck you're looking at, First its the head,
then new tires,
then dual batts,
some better lights,
comfee seats for those longer days,
better bumpers front and rear,
those bumpers will need a winch.
upgraded axels.... lead to
tougher trannys and transfercases
and then a bigger motor, where you will sell this $1500 head job motor to someone who needs a running 22re for pennies on the $.

Oops, sorry.:lol:

buy the truck, fix it yourself, enjoy it and trust it, you'll never be the same again.

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