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Head Unit question

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I want to get a nice sounding equipment on my car, and I was wondering if I should get a new head unit, or if I should stay with the one I have.

I have a BOSS AVA-2890R.

Would you recommend me to change it? If so, for what?

I'm on a REALLY tight budget, around the low-mid $100.

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change that thing out
For about 160 bucks you can get a pioneer dehp-6600. It's a pretty nice unit. You'll notice a big difference if you have decent speakers.
eddiem67 said:
change that thing out
What would you recommend?

As for the speakers, I have two Pioneer 6x9's in the rear and two Pioneers 5 1/2 (I think that's the measure) in the front.
the speakers arent so bad, almost anything is better than stock, but yeah get rid of that deck. the deh-p6600 is a good deck but you should probably get the 5600 instead because that one plays mp3s while the 6600 doesnt, which makes no sense since the 6600 is clearly the higher model. if i remember correctly they are pretty much the same thing in terms of audio features and oel display. only difference being the mp3 playback, as i mentioned.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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