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so let me get this straight will a 3s-ge head will directly bolt on to the 5f-se block or not???

and has any one put headers on there 5f-se if so how did it work out
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The head will bolt on and you'll need the intake manifold also cause the GE head has TVIS and intake ports are different.
FYI all 3S and 5S heads are inter-changable. Just don't know if the cams got same grind or not. Of cause the GE will have different cam then the FEs.
They will bolt on BUT oil and water galleries won't match... not even between a 1st Gen and a 2nd Gen 3S-GE
The pre 92 blocks are a direct bolt on to a G head. 93 or newer and you have to get machien work done to the block to get the G head to fit.
i herd that you had to get Adjustable timing cam gears when you swap a Ge head onto a 5s Bottem end... BC the timing wont match up..

is this true?:confused:

so the oil pasages and watter jakets match up between a 5s out of 5gens but not 6th gens?
I haven't heard anything about having to get adjustable cam gears but you might have to. The 5s block is a bolt on to the pre 92 blocks so most of the 5th gen celicas. The last year of the 5th gen celica 5s block doesn't work since that is a 93. And none of the 6th gen blocks work unless you get some machine work done.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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