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1. its cali, you wont pass visual with it, but you can try covering it with a heat sheild (save the stock ones and attach them to the new part) and crossing your fingers
2. you wont pass the smog check because its cali and you'll be eliminating the pre-cat (TWWUC). you'll also throw a check engine light if you have an O2 sensor after the precat.
3. you wont pass if your check engine light is on.

now for the good news! i have one and it seems to be very well made with nice welds, no leaks, flex section is a little raspy however.

power gains are purely at the top of the powerband, no fall off in power at 6000 rpm, much stronger pull above 3500, some loss of low end torque.

no noticable change in fuel mileage, same as it was stock.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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