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Hey folks, I was wondering what your experiences are with the ebay headers on your 1992-1997 Corollas and Geo Prizms. I just bought a header off of ebay and looking forward to installing it on my 97 Geo Prizm with 1.6L 3 speed auto. The stocker cracked and I figured why not replace it with a header :naughty: !

So what are you experiences with the headers? How is the performance improvement? Did you have any issues at sm0g check time? I can't wait until I get the header on!! I wonder if the tech will notice the header? I figure that if the O2 sensor is there and working and nothing else is changed it should be same as stock, right :confused: ? In fact, it should take less effort for the motor to do its thing right -- thus lowering the emmisions :clap: .

So if you have any suggestions, please post em!!:whatwhat:
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