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i am going to get headers for my 93 p/u 22re b/c i have a reoccuring leak in my downpipe from the manifold and i just want to replace both with a good set, but i dont know what to get? i was either thinking hooker or pacesetter but im not sure of the pros/cons. any ideas?
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I installed the header from LC Engineering and am very happy with it. I recently installed the remaining part of the sytem that included a free-flow cat converter, muffler, and tailpipe with chrome tip. Very easy to install. Good increase in bottom and mid-range power.
sorry to take over a bit, but does anyone have any experiance with pacesetter headers? there are some on ebay for a decent price, just wondering if they would be an alright buy.
I have the LCE engineering headers and I'm very happy with them. Increase in power all throughout the rpm spectrum.
i had a pacesetter on a mazda b 2200 it was a good quality header. look at its cheaper and they ship em free.
thanks for the info subliminaltrips, i'll look into that
doug thorleys are good but i prefer LCE's. I have LCE headers and their great no rust!
im gonna be gettin a downey header. was made specifically for toyota's.
I got the LCE header at the same time I did the K&N FilterCharger and what a difference! Big low end power. I noticed big difference on highway too. They are powder coated and been on for 6 years now and no rust.
how much are the downey headers running these days?

is everyone running factory type catylitic converters or high flow aftermarkets?? how much of a difference you think it makes?
im not sure about the catalitic converter but i just got a new front pipe from bosal and it didnt fit at all so my dad and i cut it and made it fit and he welded it up and i painted it but it made a little power and was cheap
the pacesetter ceramic coated header is 260$ on summit. its a good header ill probabally order one soon. i bought a new bed this weekend and i also put a 3.42 posi rear end in her to help with highway mileage.
i have no cat
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