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search is your friend, my friend, and a friend of my friend is a friend of your friend, because friends do that...

um...some on here was jsut selling his whole set of lights front and rear... try the car parts section here first...then there's ebay, and google if all else fails.

if nothing shows up, meantion something here and i'm sure someone would be glad to drop a few names and companies if they haven't already

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the only one piece headlights for the gen 3 are from the jdm scepter, so unless you have a friend in Japan theyre pretty hard to get a hold of.

depo makes aftermarket clear headlights for the gen 3 but they arent one piece. hope this helps
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Inspekt said:
I have a gen 3 95 camry and i was wondering where i could get some one peice headlamps

also any good sites for taillight and taillight modification tips would be appreciatted
If you have connections to Japan like I do, you can get them with ease. Speaking and reading Japanese too like me, is a plus...Trust me, you probably won't get a hold of them and I'll never do a JDM parts GB again...ever

As far as fitting them on your 95, all you need to do is get a 92-94 Camry grill and you're done. No modifying needed. How do I know, I have em. Got in a wreck, got another setting coming to me already haha

oh btw, You'll need some special kind of switch to use the H4 bulb between high or Low beam. I leave mine on low, my H3's or fog lights, are my highs. Man I love flashing ppl at night :)
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