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Hey guys, I was wondering if you could help me a little. one of my headlight brackets broke and i want to replace it but i can't get to the screws that holds the bracket to the headlamp. (i can't get a new headlamp. i have to replace the bracket)

see the top of the bracket thats closest to you ? the top of it broke off. also the yellow adjusting plastic peice cracked so i can't adjust it anymore. ugh. anyone have any ideas on how to get the bracket off ?

the black peice is attached to the big white peice. the screws screw the big white peice to the headlamp assembly but the black peice is in the way so i can't get to the screws...


PS. also, how do you guys adjust your headlights ? cause i tried using a screwdriver on that yellow peice and it just broke lol...
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