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HEADLIGHT PROBLEM: High beams work...low beams don't!!!

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I have searched on this forum for an answer but haven't yet turned up anything that helps. I have a Gen 4. I have checked all of my fuses just to make sure they were all good. My low beams do not work at all. However, my high beams work fine. If i have the low beams turned on, there is nothing. When i turn on the high beams, they work fine. Heres the wierd part though. When i turn on my high beams, the light on the dash saying the bright lights are on doesnt light up??? What is going on. I have the repair manual and have tried looking in the too. Im not too good with wiring diagrams. PLEASE HELP!!!! I do not like driving down the road at night and having every single car that passes me flash their lights at me because they think i don't realize my brights are on!!!!
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Try replacing the bulbs?
^ What SKYravefever said.

Anything change lately like reverse glows or mods?

If all else fails, it a malfunctioning switch, pretty easy to replace.
Word of advice if it is the switch, replace - don't try to repair.
replace the bulbs first. Or you can get a DVM and check your voltage to verify you are getting voltage to the socket. I used to see them all the time with both low beams not working and it was the bulbs.
ok...they both just went out at once...i got off work...went to turn on my lights...and then...BAM...they were both off. So i don't know that the bulbs messed up at the same time...but who knows. I did have reverse guages but took them out. come to think of it, since i did that, my clock and my cig lighter have not been working and i have been trying to figure out whats up with them. no fuse problems. Where do i check with a voltage meeter??? how would i be sure the switch was bad. What about my clock and lighter???
Thanks so much!
when you took out you revers lights you might have pulled a wire or 2. but for you lights pull the plug off the low beam and put a volt meter to it and see if you are getting power to it. if yes you must replace the bulbs. if not try and fallow the wires as far as you can. you might find the problem. befor you pull out the switch try and look at you other problems i think that might have something to do with it. you dont realy lose all that with out blowing a fuse or two
awesome thanks so going to check the lights then i will try to follow the wires to see if i pulled something out...ill let you guys know...hopefully i can fix it
how much voltage should be going to the low beams? is it the same 12v?
In your case if the fuses are good in all 3 of the fuse boxes under the hood and you have new head lamps it is likely the dimmer relay either loose or bad. It is located directly in front of the large fuse box on the driver side assuming you have a 2000 carolla or equivalent year model. Please rate if this solves your problem.
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Did you fix the problem of both low beams going out at once?
Both of mine went out today on my 06 Corolla
Not sure about the electrical in the 06', you may want to post a pic of the engine cage showing your fuse boxes. The dimmer relay being loose definitely solved my headlights going out simultaneously on the 2000 carolla assuming all fuses and relays related to head or DRL were checked and reseated, also replaced bulbs - although probably not necessary if they both go out at the same time.
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I checked no 12 VDC to the low beams. I could only find fuses for the headlights in the under the hood fuse box I did not see any in the interior fuse box. I have 4 10amp 2say LWR they have 12 volts to them 2 say UPR they read zero VDC. I also have a 40 amp head main that checked good. I do not think it is the switch inside the car the high beams work and the side yellow light work with the switch. I would think if it was bad on the low beam position the side yellow lights would not work and the same as the driving lights works but no low beam. I also swapped the head and dimmer relay but that did nothing.
Did I miss a fuse?
That is correct, so its either a bad wire, contact, or relay. Have you tried the "dimmer" relay? It should be labeled.
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I swapped the head and dimmer relay but that did nothing. They also read the same on the ohm meter. Did I miss a fuse?
Same Issue

I have changed the bulbs, the switch operates the parking lights and high just fine. I put the relay for the high beam into the low beam slot with no fix. What could this be?? Not easy driving to the office at 5:30am!!
My next step would be to do some trouble shooting at the LB relay. remove the relay and try jumping the the power from the input slot to the output that goes to the headlights. If that works then your problem is on the control side of the relay. if jumping the relay doesn't make the lights come on then you have a wire problem between the relay and the headlight.

I would bet on it being in the HI / low switch in stearing colum.
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I found my problem today. The connector that goes into the daytime running light module had a groud pin broke. Toyota had 3 wires into one pin and it broke in the connector. I cut out the wires and ran them to a new ground point and my problem was fixed. I have daytime lights and low / high beams also fog lights.

Thanks for all the good ideas
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I have this same issue on a 2004 camry (Highs work, lows went out all of a sudden, Fogs work, parking lights work). I have put in car starters before so I know a little about wiring. Where is the daytime running light module located?
Hey mate any luck with this I got a 12 hiace and when lights are on high it reads 12v and the lows are reading 10v and then when on low the low reads 12 and high reads nothing
Hey mate any luck with this I got a 12 hiace and when lights are on high it reads 12v and the lows are reading 10v and then when on low the low reads 12 and high reads nothing
If the connector is getting power, even it it is low power that means the connector is okay (I wouldn't say good but it's not bad either). Confirm you have ground to complete the circuit.
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