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aloha, i have a 1993 toyota pickup 4X4 SR5. n i need to know the size of the headlights (housing and bulbs.) im gonna try upgrade the halogens to nokya arctic white halogens. however i believe the manuel says the truck uses H6 bulbs n i cant find any H6 bulbs. please help!

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the bulbs are H6054 (6"x7"), you won't be able to just buy the bulbs because the stock headlights in your truck are sealed beam. this means in order to upgrade your lights, you either have to buy a conversion kit or just find a sealed beam that offers better lights.

the conversion kits run from like $10-100+ dollars for the pair...from what i've heard/learned, you pretty much get what you pay for so be a little weary.

for the straight sealed beam lights, silverstars are said to be pretty amazing, for a sealed beam...i've used them in the past and they are far better than the standard halogen bulb for sure.

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The only H4 removable housings to buy (IMO) is the hella h4 200mm ecode housings. Then throw in some nice high watt bulbs or HIDS.
I agree with Jay,
I put some 200MM housing in mine over the weekend with some bright H4 bulbs and all I can say is WOW.
Well worth the money to upgrade them, pulling the grill and bumper to replace them seemed like a lot of work at the start, once I saw what I needed to do, was a piece of cake.
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