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The right hand low beam failed on my daughters 2014 S. Cost of a new headlight would have been around $200 from RockAuto as the LED bulb is not replaceable. BUT. That wasn't the reason the light didn't work!!

Whether chewed by an animal or for other reasons, the broken wiring near the connector on the headlamp needed to be fixed and after reading many forum threads on here about various dealerships not doing wiring repairs (willing only to replace the whole harness)... It was time to break out the tools and the old radio shack soldering iron.

No Repair Manual used, just fumbling around, learning on the go. Turns out; to get enough room to work on the wiring (without using surgical tools) you need to remove the headlamp. To get that out you have to remove the front bumper. Lots of fun.

Video of my exploits here - just in case anyone else is suffering from similar issues. Sorry about the length, can't seem to do short ones.

This was done on Tuesday - today (thursday) I get an email from her saying they almost caught a rat running around the garage - so the cause of the issue has been established. Traps have been set out!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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