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well i replaced the passenger side headlight to regular yellow ones. i had a silverstar in their but the drivers side burnt out so i just put the yellow one back in. Everyhting was working fine yesterday. This morning, i started the car and turned the headlights on and the driver side now wont turn on...could it be a fuse and could someone point out teh fuse it could be
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have you checked jsut to make sure the bulb hasnt burnt out. there are two fuse blocks in the car. One is normally behind the change pocket to the left of the steering wheel and the other is under the hood next to where the battery is located. The fuses are in the change pocket area and then there are relays under the hood next to the abttery, if I rememebr correctly.
it was just wierd that i replace one bulb and then the other goes out
silverstars tend to go out in pairs
the other one wasnt a silverstar
illunatic54 said:
the other one wasnt a silverstar
have you look at the fuse box next to the battery? 15A, left headlight (hi/low), 15A right Headlight(hi/low)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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