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Headlights not cutting off and door lock acting crazy

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My 01 camry has starting having issues with the headlights and doors locks here recently, the head lights usually would cut off once the car is cut off, now sometimes it will and sometimes it won't, the auto door lock would normally unlock the doors if the key was in the ignition when the drivers door is open when starting, now it locks the drivers doors if the door is open when starting the car, caused me to lock my keys in the car a few times already. The engine sometimes will start up kinda (surging) reving up and down a few hundred rpms at idle. Maybe my ECU is going bad or something. I have checked every fuse i could find and checked every connection and plug as I continue to look for the problem. All sorts of strange things are happening that just don't make sense.

Anyone ever had these problems before! Any advice on this issue would be great Thanks
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Does the overhead light work correctly? There is only one button that tells the car when the door is open. I'd start there. I don't think the lights are supposed to go off until the door is open.

As for the idle prob check the air filter. It could also be a vacuum leak or bad egr.
the door light does seem to operate correctly, the car is starting to have trouble starting up, all the problem I am having do seem to be electrical related, I am going to hunt for a used ecu and try that, thanks for the info
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