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grrroarr... ?
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Camryfanatic said:
What headlight assembly would fit my Gen. 3 Camry? I want angel eyes and projectors. Can I have both or do I have to pick between the two?
none, except for the jdm one piece headlight (rare find) and even then the glass is textured
no, the only way is to custom make 'm yourself

and sure, you can have angel eyes and projectors then, your imagination/skills are the limit ;)

2008 Mazdaspeed 3/2012 Ford Escape
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HIDs are illegal now, unless your car model could be had with them (in which case, you have to use THOSE HIDs, but Gen. 3's never came with HIDs, did they?).

use the SEARCH button, it's flashing for a reason...

try and read up on posts by silver streak, tony the tiger, and of course Ratko...

also 2wickedtoyz...

they all have/had projectors on their Gen. 3 Camry's (strangly, none of them have 3.5s)...

also, you cant just take the whole damn headlight assemble off of another car, and put it on your camry, because it wont fit at all, unless you really want to do an expensive front end conversion...

if you can, then go for it, i'd suggest the ES300 front...

what do you need to do this..?

use the search button..:smokin:

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anything can fit if you put the work into it

just remember tho that if you keep the textured lense, you'll need hids or else your beam pattern will most likely be thrown off
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