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Anyone know what kinda headlights the 2002 maximas use? Or any that produce that nice blue/ purpleish hue without reduicing the brightness?
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It's called HIDs, there have been tons of threads and infact there is a HUGE forum deadicated to them over at . don't just put a set into your headlights cause they won't ocme out right. But you can find more info there.
are they hids. Yeah ive seen all those posts and what not. Yeah i know about them. Just was hoping they might be some regular bulb that i haven't seen. Thanks though. Where in MA do you live?
Thanks man wish I was rich. Sucks being a kid with some low paying job :disappoin.
Thanks though
Lyons451 said:
Where in MA do you live?
Greater boston area, roughly where 95 meets 90.
I dont like hids, they glare like no tomorrow and personally I can see better with normal halogens.:cool:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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