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headman header review

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Ok I have given it a year now and think it is time to pull it off of the 4runner.

The header is for the 22re made by headman.
the mounting face (to the head) had to ground flat (by me) so that it would not leak due to the ports being different size and shape than the head and the gasket sent would not seal properly (ended up using a stock gasket with the heat shield removed)
It does not come with its own connecting pipe (to the cat) so you must connect the suplied collector to your old exhaust (cut and weld or cut and clamp) I chose to weld so that it would never leak. another problem I encountered was the heat shield on the tortion bar on the drivers side had to be removed for the header to even partialy clear. Both sliding flanges on the header and the new connecting pipe had to be ground down to clear the tortion bar mount (PITA) the stock 02 sensor will NOT clear the fender so you Must use an aftermarket o2 sensor (never had a code 05 untill I installed the header but now I cant get rid of it) and it is loud!
last Item on the list of problems..... gasket I am on my 3rd collector gasket in 1 year and this one is also shot.
My .02 Headman is not worth the $119. that I paid.
I do not recomend this header to anyone.
As soon as I get the new connecting pipe the header will be removed from the 4runner.

PS I hope that this will save someone here some time and money.
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Thanks for the review David. I have no interest in buying a Hedman Header or Doug Thorley product in my lifetime as a result of the same bullcrap experiences I had over twenty years ago on my musclecars. These jerks have playing the same games on the buyers of their products for decades. Different vehicles...same pathetic results.
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