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Heat + Air Control Panel doesnt light up

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go to the above link to see exactly what i'm talking about. where you see the words: OFF LOW - - HI, and the directional pictures establishing which vent the air blows out, that's where it doesn't light up at night.

Could this problem be fuse-related, or could the panel itself just simply be burnt out and need to be replaced and rewired? Any hints, tips or suggestions? Thanks

Car = 1996 Toyota Camry LE I4 A/T
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Your link ain't working. If its only part of your that is not working, I would be willing to bet its a bulb behind it that is burnt out. Autozone's web site has exploded views on how to take apart the dash.

It is lit by two bulbs
They burn out. To replace them you pop off the cover that surrounds the radio, then unbolt the climate control panel, wiggle it forward a little. You will be able to reach back in and remove the two bulb sockets(IIRC, you twist them 1/4 turn to release).

Replace with new bulbs of the proper wattage, most real parts store/dealerships can help. Dealer wanted $5/bulb; parts store wanted $0.65/bulb FYI.
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alright thanks guys. i know how to take it off n all, just when i did it, i didnt see any bulb sockets for some reason. ill take it apart again and look more thoroughly.
i got the same problem but mine sometimes works i think mine is a loose wire so check that out to for streatched wires .
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