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heat isolation and system delete.

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I was wondering, for a 94 5sfe A/T, when I go through with the overhaul, I wanted to do some heat isolation kinda stuff, ceramic coating, heat wrapping exhaust, etc.

What have you done? what works and still looks good, etc?

I kinda want to get everything to be about as isolated as possible and keep that bay COLD! and as long as it doesn't cost a LOT, I am willing to have just about everything done...

ideas? what would you do if you had everything apart and wanted to get everything as isolated as possible?

are there parts that just don't matter, or aren't worth it?

Also, I am going to DD this car, but live in santa monica, and just plain don't use the AC, and wont be reselling this car or anything, so I want to delete that, but also, any other un-needed system/part...

I don't want to go crazy, but if this were a race car, what would you guys be removing for weight? I know it is kinda dumb to go for weight savings on a 4-door, but I kinda like the race look interior, with no carpet, etc. lol!

Just looking for some ideas, TYIA!
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The only things that would really matter are the exhaust and intake. You can coat or put header wrap on the exhaust manifold, and use heat reflecting tape on the intake piping. Nothing else will make a difference
what about ceramic coating the block and cylinder head covers themselves? does/would that do anything to help...?
I dont really wanna burst your bubble, but if your gonna have this as your DD I wouldn't remove AC and Power steering.

You probably get no real gains and you will hate driving the car. Driving without powersteering is just effin painful, I know how it feels.

Some ceramic coating could help a bit but again, this is a 5sfe. The e at the end pretty much stands for economical. Its pretty hard to make this engine make any real power and its already been pretty much tweaked to give the most efficiency. An engine running to cold isnt always beneficial.

If you wanna do something crazy I would swap in a 6cyl. I dont know much but I think a 3.3 has been done, but dont quote me on that. Or keep the 5sfe and do the manual swap since the 3.3 might be a bit expensive.
this isnt the anwser your looking for but its the one you need to listen nothing!

1. the AC causes nearly 0 load on the engine unless on. just dont use it.

2. heat wraping or coatings will HURT engine performance, you want the heat to escape the engine and exhaust components. the only reason people wrap anything is because thoes parts are gettin so hot they might damage something in the engine bay. the only thing that will help is to get cooler air and keep it cool, which will do little for performance with your mod level.

3. weight reduction isnt really gonna help much here. the AC system is not that heavy and the rest of the parts of the car that DO weigh alot are either have a lack of production lightweight replacements or would be crazy expensive. the few thing that do help are a manual swap, coilovers, light wheels and maybe gutting the interior, which would get anoying fast....and considering you have the 5sfe and an auto...your not gonna see much improvement.
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^^ Ditto!

Block, Heads Valve cover - not good to treat as they need to shed heat and coatings would only trap it. Plus it'd cost a fortune and give no reward except easy block cleanup if you spring a leak.

As far a wrapping the exhaust, well in a semi wet environment (not CA), wraps hold moisture and would rust it out if not dry when parked. On the Flip side, higher temps on the exhaust header does promote tubing life (must be dry at all times) and aid in extraction, but then you hit the cat and the back pressure pretty much kills anything you might have gained.

Cause its a DD in CA, it will be inspected. . . D$llar per D$llar, best weight savings is dumping that trans for M/T. Simply if you want that heavy of a car to move it will take $$$ towards boost or displacement increase. . .

Although I guess you go old school and just chrome everything! :thumbsup:
Well, I am not looking for huge gains, or anything...and as you can all tell, I am a noob jumping in head-first, lol!

I am just looking to have fun, and will likely (hopefully) do a M/T swap, as the tranny in there I suspect is going soon anyways...

I am mainly looking for reliability, with a little fun and performance and a side of show too...
Also, another reason I ask is this specific engine seems to get OVERLY hot, but that is one thing I will address when I fix it up, it does need a new rad, etc.
Also, another reason I ask is this specific engine seems to get OVERLY hot, but that is one thing I will address when I fix it up, it does need a new rad, etc.
Is the gauge above halfway? If not dont worry about it. Engine bay temp doesnt mean much. Every car gets hot after driving it....

Simply put it this is a camry. Nuff said.
just replace the radiator if it needs it. i wouldnt waste time finding things to make the car run better. many have tried and failed, the engine just doesnt respond to little things. the manual swap is the BEST thing to do to the car asside froma total engine swap/rebuild.
if you want a colder engine bay, id look into a larger grill and hood cowling. but it wont be worth whatever you put into it.
No, the gauge isn't over just feels really hot and radiates into the cabin...

okay, well...heat problems out, lol! I am planning a new rad as well as tranny/oil coolers and engine rebuild and prolly M/T swap, so that really should take care of most of the problems than...thank you all! :)
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