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HEELP...DRL drawings 92 COROLLA

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I have problem with my 92 Corolla LE.
I have no dash ilumination lights.
Please help me!
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Is there anything else that doesn't work, or is it just the lights? Is it just the cluster lights, or are the heater control/cigarette lighter/ashtray lights out too? The first thing to check is the fuse box. It is in the driver's side kick panel. Don't mean to insult your intelligence here, but do you have the dimmer for the instrument cluster lights turned up? Regards, Aaron
All the ilumination system doesn't work: cluster lights, heater control, cigarette lighter, ashtray, everything.
Yes I have the dimmer for the the instrument cluster lights turned up.
I did some troubleshouting and I haven't power getting out from the DRL to energized the ilumination system (pin no. 9).
What I need is the electrical drawing for AISIN 82642-13020 DRL
Tanks, Liviu
All the fuses are OK also.
Tanks, Liviu
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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