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Hey everyone, just bought a 2015 Camry. It's the LE with the Upgrade Package. I believe the color is pre-dawn gray mica but not exactly sure, here's a picture:

It's going to be a daily driver, but, I am planning *some* mods, probably not going to do much this year, but for next Summer I'm planning to lower it and put either 18s or 20s on it (NICHE wheels). Something like this:

I'm going to go get it tinted this week as well, 35% in the front driver and passengers, 18% at the rear passengers and then 18% on the rear windshield.

I've got to buy a hood deflector as well, but I'll have to give the car a full detail this weekend, a polish and wax plus cleaning up the inside.

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I have to say those wheels are perfect and so is the stance. I'd totally go with the Camry in your second picture. :thumbsup: Welcome to TN and enjoy yourself here!
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