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hello all from pa!

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New member here.. First Toyota ever purchased in 44 years:) Its a 06 Rav4 Limited in Barcelona red metallic with taupe cloth interior.. Picking it up at 4:30 today!!!!!
Live in Philly with my wife and one 11 year old Son.
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I love the new Rav's...just get ready for when the kid turns 16! :lol:
And shame on you for waiting so long to indulge! :nono: 44years! Just kidding.

Welcome to TN.
LOL. I know. Its only my second Import. Its always been donestics. and BTW- our son wanted to drive it.. LOL I was like .. yea right.. you have a license???? LOL Ill let him ster it in a parking lot sitting on my lap tho..

Got the Rav home. OMG is it sweet...... Im in shock.. Its THAT nice.... heres a pic when we picked it up tonight in the rain! lol

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The color is gorgeous. (Maybe I am biased?) ;)
look at these pics I took last night before the sun went down:)

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