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Hello from Houston, Texas!!!

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I have a 99 Camry with an I4 2.2 eng.
No mods done yet but I am working on getting a company to make 97-99 projector headlights for us. I work for NASA as an electronics tech. I don't do much else accept try to think of new ways to add aftermarket stuff to my car. I don't have any pics. of the car yet but after I get it out of the body shop, I'll post some.
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welcome to TN:D

NASA eh? that sounds pretty interesting, what kind of electronics do you tech? what is your cam gettin down at the body shop?

when you get it back you totally have to get a pic of your cam beside a shuttle, or a rocket, or some super cool nasa thing!:cool:
Welcome, welcome. Any chance you can push for gen 3 and 3.5 projectors as well?
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